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Get Healed 365 days a year starting at just $100 per year

This webpage showers reiki energy ... Gaze at the painting below to instantly receive reiki energy and get healed .....
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This is a original painting by myself Dr. B Aswin Roshan, centered aound the theme ThirdEye and channeling of divinely guided reiki energy, transmutation and transmigration of energy from the divine.

This ereikiportal.com homepage is programmed with reiki to shower divinely guided reiki energy to whomever who visits this homepage. This homepage also showers the energies of Quantum Light and Nectar of Creation which I B Aswin Roshan channeled from the divine Mahaavatar babaji. Gaze at the painting at the center of the homepage and feel the reiki energy along with Quantum Light and Nectar of Creation flow through the crown chakra and imagine a dazzling shimmering golden white light flow through you, illuminating you, your five higher bodies and your aura is filled with this all illuminating light that heals you.

In order to get a very powerful shield that disintegrates all negative energies and protect you wholly and completely please gaze at the painting and say the affirmation "Quantum shield I call upon you.... power up max potential please shield , protect and heal me wholly and completely".The Quantum shield gets activated and materializes around you and effectively protects and heals,You will be protected by reiki and Quantum Light the healing energy of MahaAvatar Babaji for 24 hours after you do this.

This website does not initiate you to reiki or Quantum Light and Nectar of Creation but gives you access to it and enables you to channel the energy as long as you are in-front of the homepage.

Note: saving the painting and looking at the painting alone will not help you to channel the reiki energy, you need to be online and visit the homepage of ereikiportal.com for it to work. You may also load ereikiportal.com and lie down and relax mentally asking the reiki energy to flow to you and heal you from the website.

Dr. B Aswin Roshan Ph.D.(reiki)
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